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Where to buy all Genshin Impact Figurines | Details, Pricing, and More

Genshin Impact has been around for over a year, and thanks to its massive popularity, it’s now possible to pick up scale figures of some of your favorite characters. Currently, all Genshin Impact figures are imports, so your purchasing options are limited to specialty sites. Genshin Impact Scale Figures All Genshin Impact scale figures come […]

Worst Genshin Impact Characters

Although every character in Genshin Impact can be built to make them shine, there are a few characters that need more work than others. And without Constellations, many characters fall short of their intended roles and can even feel underwhelming. Later constellations may change that, but players should be warned that there will be a […]

How to unlock and complete the Fertilizer… Salesperson? World Quest in Genshin Impact

Watatsumi Island suffers from bad soil, which has made it difficult for its residents to supply their own produce. Iwata, a villager from Borou Village, aims to solve the island’s crop problem by developing a unique fertilizer inspired by a blend sold by a merchant from Sumeru. Unlock this quest by completing Kokomi’s Story Quest […]

Best Yun Jin Build in Genshin Impact

Yun Jin is the darling of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe, a playwright, a not-so-secret fan of rock ‘n roll, and a four-star Geo polearm user that’s expected to shake up Teyvat’s traditional performance scene in Version 2.4. Gameplay Yun Jin is often described as a Geo polearm version of Beidou, as their Elemental Skills work […]